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Our Portfolio (Web)

We have helped quite a few Clients, businesses large and small, individuals, non-profit organisations, and even entire communities, get a worthwhile presence on the World Wide Web. Below are some of those success stories!

Screenshot DotCom Media INC, Web Site for the “News Database”

01 Mar 2001 – 01 Jun 2001
Additional info:

We found this company to be very thorough. A lot of emphasis on up-front planning, so that once the project got started it was a very smooth process. The end product is exactly to spec, expandable, functional, and very powerful. We found working with Moon on a Stick beneficial.

Jason Mann, Managing Director, DotCom Media Inc.

During our work with DotCom Media on their "News Database" system (a centralised news repository), we were asked to provide a "browseable" interface to the database, to simplify management of the system by DCM staff. It was also desirable to allow the general public to have an interface to the system, with facilities for research into past news items.

We decided to extend the corporate style of DCM to this project, since our site would need to be identifiably DCM.

The Site had to be easy to navigate for the casual visitor, have powerful search capabilities for the researcher, and have facilities to manage the content for DCM staff. By using PHPLib Sess and Auth classes, we were able to seamlessly integrate all three functions in the same interface. And by using the Template class, we ensure the Site is "future-proof", because DCM can change not just the look, but the actual placing, shape, and size of the various items on the pages, without needing to alter a single line of PHP code.

ScreenshotThe Naked Mile, Secure Order Pages update

01 Apr 2001 – 01 May 2001
Additional info:

We are really pleased with both Lauren and Dima of Moon on a Stick. We can’t say enough good things about them. But here is a short list: They are hi-energy. They are very competent. They are creative and often think of ways of helping you that you may not have thought of yourself. They are very hard workers and nice people to deal with.
If you have any questions drop me a line and I will answer personally.

Mike Steele, CEO, AMG Marketing.

The Naked Mile asked us to address the inefficiency of their existing Order Pages, which resulted in a large proportion of “malformed” orders.

This proved quite tricky given the limited control we had over the back-end: since we could not change the script that was processing the form, we made the situation more favourable by reorganising the pages to better reflect the “flow” of actions during a typical sale, and also limited the potential for errors with client-side JavaScript.

Finally, we created a new logo and graphical style for the pages, reflecting the young, dynamic nature of the Client’s business, but also the safe and secure side of ordering on-line from a reputable company. We simplified the colour scheme of the pages, using link- and heading colour to “explain” the significance of each item to the visitor, and we also used a “film strip” idea to allow for the fact that some videos had an image associated with them, while others did not.

User response to the new Pages has been good, and there has been a marked drop in “malformed” orders.

ScreenshotDavid Atack, Portrait Painter, Promotional Web Site

01 Oct 2000 – 01 Dec 2000
Additional info:

David Atack, a Fine Artist specialising in portrait paintings, wanted to make it easier for potential clients to access his portfolio of work.

The Site did not have to do the “hard sell,” instead the emphasis was on encouraging people to have their portrait done by a professional artist. It was important to talk about, and de-mystify, the painting process, and to use the opportunity to introduce him as a likeable fellow.

The Client is very pleased with the Site, and we are currently working on enhancements which will allow originals, and reproductions of his work, to be sold on-line, and there is a plan to add an e-card feature.

Screenshot Turgutreis Holidays Ltd, E-Commerce Web Site for Travel Agency

01 May 2000 – 01 Jul 2000
Additional info:

Your work is without doubt excellent—I have had a number of compliments over the look of the Web Site.

– Jackie Moore, Turgutreis Holidays Ltd

Turgutreis Holidays approached us to do an E-Commerce site to handle on-line bookings for their summer season. They were looking for a complete solution including a new company style, hosting arrangements and integration of their existing office structure with the Web Site's capabilities.

The completed Site went live on July 1st 2000, just in time to take bookings for the lucrative AugustSeptember season. It included such labour-saving features as an integral “Price Calculator”, which handled the complicated tariff calculations for the visitor, and a complete “cradle-to-grave” booking handling system, to minimise day-to-day administration.