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Our Portfolio (IT)

Dell servers Since 1999, we have provided affordable bespoke IT consultancy to SMEs in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the EU. Our services start with a comprehensive, no-cost appraisal of your business needs, in full consultation with your users. We then provide a list of recommendations, usually divided into distinct stages to help you budget and manage the change process.

We specialise in infrastructure support for small and medium businesses, ranging from firewall installation and configuration, to workgroup servers, to VPN and road-warrior installations. We recommend Dell Servers because of their unbeatable value and reliability, IPCop firewalls and VPN solutions because of their flexibility and robustness, and SuSE Linux servers because of their high security.

We also provide on-site and remote systems support for UNIX servers, including 24-hour monitoring, performance tuning, software installation and configuration, and troubleshooting. We prefer to work with Linux machines, but we can also handle Solaris and HP-UX.

Finally, we offer bespoke software design services, in languages ranging from C to PHP, Java to Perl. As with our IT Consultancy, we will always first perform a comprehensive Requirements Analysis, ensuring that not only will our software meet your demands, but also that you will have a definite set of goals to judge the success of the project.

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